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Basic Products for Cats

The Basics – for newer cat owners

a cat in the bag by straymuse

Hi - ok, here's mah list of demands to start with...

There are countless cat care products on sale. If you’re contemplating a kitty in your life, or have just welcome one to your home, a starter list of essentials might help you decide what to buy. The UK based charity, Cats Protection League has been caring for kitties since 1927 and has informative help sheets on many aspects of cat care at their website (1). The following list echoes some of their tips for organising basic products & services:

  • A good vet! – for micro-chipping, vaccinations, neutering, advice & treating illness- injury
  • Flea control products – ask your vet for a suitable brand
  • Worming products – again ask your vet for a suitable brand
  • Dry cat food/ special ‘dental cleaning’ dry cat treats to maintain oral hygiene
  • Things to play with for exercise and stimulation – especially important for indoor kitties
  • A nice comfy ‘bed’ of some description
  • A bowl of clean fresh water at all times
  • Cat food !
  • A suitable brush – to brush longhairs daily, to avoid matting fur, which would mean a trip to the vet, for shorthairs, to be used once weekly
  • Pet Care Insurance – to provide help with vets bills (which can sometimes be extremely expensive depending on the condition)
  • A scratching post could be “useful” – we recommend these 100% to encourage your kitty to keep their claws in good shape without adopting the sofa as the primary work-out site. This advice especially holds for kittens & younger moggies, a.k.a. “cute furry cross-shredders”.

application form by EyeLens


Don’t forget a cat licence! At the time of writing there was no legal requirement to obtain a licence for owning a cat in the UK. In the USA and Canada, you are strongly advised to check with your local authority, as in some locations, it is 100% a legal requirement to obtain a proper licence for owning a cat.

mickey 1 by NL Teddy

Ur honor, I owns them, they jus' lives heer 'cos I can't do teh tins

More Products

For other information we’ve put together on cat products you might like, click on Cool Products – Dogs & Cats on the right. In this section there is a round up of some of the newer products on the market.  Information includes choosing a cat collar, synthetic pheromone sprays, brushes, toys and beds, with loads of useful online resources  at the end of the page.

IMPORTANT: yep, you guessed it – this is the bit where we respectfully advise:

None of this article is intended as nor can be used as a substitute for professional vetinary or legal advice. All animal health issues should be taken to the vet. We regret we therefore cannot answer any individual queries on cat care or relevant laws.

Posted by Norma De Bloom

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‘Cat in the bag’ Application form Staring cat

Useful fact sheet you may like to check out:

1.Cat’s protection League. Caring for your cat. Cat’s Protection League.

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