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About Us

Our lovely boy - less fur in summer

Our lovely boy - less fur in summer

This blog is independant – not affiliated to organisation and not of article content is paid advertising. We are Norma and Joe De Bloom, 2 thirty-something professionals their city. Our lives are currently graced by wonderful cat, who basically rules us – he suckered us new home. He has been dictating our existence ever since and love him dearly for it.

We’ve also been to happy owners, co-owners and pet-sitters other cats, dogs, gerbils, guinea pigs, mice, and some very lovely goldfish. One favourite memory is German Shepard named Hoog, (he was huge) who bounded up and down the beach playing “Lets not come to lead, ‘cos you’re just pet-sitter while my dad’s away”. He came back gave up accidentally ‘playing the game’ and sat down [mostly out of desperation].

We hope you find these pages useful and hope you have much joy caring for furry friends.

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